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What is VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Virtual means it does not exist physically in front of you, it is located somewhere in some datacenter you can’t visit or take a look at your server and say `Yayeee! See, that’s my server`.

So, we are left with two words now, Private server. Private means something that you own and you and only you have control over it. So, the Virtual private server you have is your own Server. No one else has access to that server and if you forget the root password of your server, Only you can reset it. So, We finally know what is the meaning of private in VPS.

Now, the most interesting word, Server. We know what is the meaning of Virtual and private. So, let’s understand the meaning of Server. Server is just a computer with RAM and CPU to process code and be connected with internet 24/7. If you have dedicated IP address, You can even convert your computer into a Server. So, Server is just a computer that has better internet connection than yours and is connected with internet 24/7. One more difference is the resources in Server are used by compilers, web servers and database servers instead of applications like Web browsers, games, designing softwares, etc.

So, now you know exactly what is VPS, So, I am going to tell you the uses of VPS, You will be shocked to know the possibilities.

  1. You can set up RDP and use it like a new computer. Let’s consider you have a VPS with 8GB RAM and 2 vCPUs. On that VPS, you can set up RDP to connect with the server and use it like a normal computer except you only know about it.
  2. You can use it as VPN. VPN stands for Virtual private network and is basically used for anonymity and online-privacy. You just have to know how you can set up VPN on your VPS and you are ready to go.
  3. You can host your website on VPS. This is the most popular use of VPS. Nowadays, VPS are mostly used to host websites and applications.
  4. You can setup masternode to make money from crypto-currency.
  5. You can use it as cache to download and upload huge files on the Internet. I use it as cache. It is because, VPS are secure and has very fast internet connection. So, When I have to download and upload huge files, I download and upload it from my VPS instead of my local computer.

These are some of the uses of VPS that everyone can understand. If you are looing for cheap VPS hosting, please check our website: . In my career, I have made clusters of VPS to balance load on the websites, I have used VPS as load balancers (Obviously) and there is never ending list.

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